Working group VIII on Quality Assurance and E-learning (finished)

ENQA’s working group on quality assurance and e-learning acknowledged that much had already been done in the area of quality assurance and e-learning, however, as it would seem existing work had not yet been adequately adopted, the group saw a need to improve it, to raise the discussion by providing more neutral, reality-based, concrete examples – bearing in mind the diverse user profiles and forms of e-provision and that online education comes with its own specific competencies – and by referring more explicitly to the ESG.

The working group aimed to make more clear how online education, which is creating some challenges and increasing the complexity of QA agencies’ work as they struggle to determine how this non-traditional form of education can be evaluated using traditional methodologies, could be better evaluated by QA agencies, thereby also helping HEIs to understand and improve their own IQA processes.

Members of the working group

Ivan Biscan, ASHE, Croatia
Ana Capilla, FMID, Spain
Charlotte Ejsing, UKÄ, Sweden
Esther Huertas, AQU Catalunya, Spain (chair)
Liza Kozlowska, NVAO, Netherlands
Liia Lauri, EKKA, Estonia
Sandra Marcos Ortega, ACSUCYL, Spain
Monica Risse, AAQ, Switzerland
Kerstin Schörg, AQ Austria, Austria
Georg Seppmann, Evalag, Germany

This working group was coordinated by Lindsey Kerber.

The final report of the working group is available here.