Working group VII on Quality Assurance and Recognition (finished)

In line with ENQA’s 2016-2020 strategic plan, which envisions “a European Higher Education Area where students have access to high quality education and can achieve qualifications that are respected world-wide”, ENQA established a working group on quality assurance and recognition in 2015 in order to map current practices on external quality assurance of academic recognition among ENQA agencies, identify current best practices, and develop strategies to disseminate the group’s research.

Members of the working group

Carme Edo Ros, AQU Catalunya, Spain
Eva Fernández de Labastida, Unibasq, Spain
Marie-Jo Goedert, CTI, France
Kyrre Goksøyr, NOKUT, Norway
Esther Huertas, AQU Catalunya, Spain
Niamh Lenehan, QQI, Ireland
Rafael Llavori de Micheo, ANECA, Spain
Teresa Sánchez Chaparro, CTI, France (chair)
Aurelija Valeikienė, SKVC, Lithuania

This working group was coordinated by Lindsey Kerber.

The final report of the working group is available here.

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