Working group VI on Knowledge on Part 3 of the ESG (KP3)(finished)

One of the main tasks of ENQA is the external reviews of quality assurance agencies. In doing so, ENQA assures that its full members comply with the European Standards & Guidelines (ESG); but at the same time the reviews produce an important amount of information on how the quality assurance agencies are organised to undertake their external quality assurance procedures. This type of information is available in the self-assessment report of the reviewed agency and in the review reports, but also in other statements (e.g. website of the agency).

The information provided by the reports and other statements is normally analysed individually by the peer review panel members and by the ENQA Board, but there is a need to promote some transversal analysis in certain areas of the information collected. This type of transversal analysis is believed to further improve the knowledge and the capacity of ENQA in conducting the international reviews of quality assurance agencies. At the same time, and because the ESG was being revised, there was a need for adapting the ESG interpretation in its Part 3. Additionally, it was seen as valuable to develop a database of good practices and examples for Part 3 of the ESG.

The ENQA Board decided to develop a working group focusing on part 3 of the ESG to respond to the needs mentioned above.

Purpose and tasks of the working group

The main purpose of the ENQA working group KP3 was to do an overall analysis of how quality assurance agencies are aligned with part 3 of the ESG and how the current practices could be improved and challenges be tackled.

The Chair of the working group was Els Van Zele, Flemish Higher Education Council, Quality Assurance Unit, Belgium (VLUHR QAU), and it was coordinated by Zeynep Olcen at the ENQA Secretariat.