Working group III on Staff Development (finished)

Taking into account one of the main objectives of ENQA, which is to contribute to further development of its members, but also in order to respond to the membership’s requests concerning their internal staff development, ENQA launched in 2012 a working group on Staff Development in QA agencies.

Purpose and activities

The working group aimed at answering the needs and requests of QA agencies related to further development of their staff. This working group focused on the development of QA agencies’ staff by elaborating a staff development scheme and/or staff development tools that can be used by ENQA member agencies for training and development of their own staff at a further stage. Furthermore, the group investigated the possibilities of developing training materials that could be of use to the QA agencies.

During the kick-off meeting that took place on 21 June 2012 in London, the working group agreed to focus on staff development across agencies and to pursue four initial topics:

induction activity, including induction in QA for all staff;
recruitment and selection tools;
staff performance management, including motivation;
competencies, training and development for staff who manage reviews,
evaluations, procedures and activities.

Based on the findings of the comparisons, the group looked into the development of tools or guidance for member agencies to use in their own context.

The working group was chaired by Douglas Blackstock, Director of Resources at the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in the UK. The group was open to ENQA membership and affiliates.

The working group report is available here.

The working group produced a competencies framework for QA professionals (available here) which was presented at the seminar held in February 2016.