Working group II on Quality Assurance and Lifelong Learning (finished)

Purpose and tasks of the working group

Based on the findings of the ENQA Workshop on Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning, held in Bonn on 16-17 May 2011, a need to form a specific working group on this theme was identified. The overall aim of the working group was to define or adapt standards for quality assurance in LLL in order to create an open framework for the quality of LLL courses.

Main Topics:
– Internal Quality Assurance
– External Quality Assurance
– Transparency of LLL study programmes

In the face of challenges identified (lack of transparency and comparability of LLL provision due to different types of providers and users), the group had identified the need to develop a QA system for LLL to improve transparency and comparability. The group adapted the ESG to reflect the need to include non-academic providers, the diversity of students’ needs and the need for criteria and procedures for the recognition of prior learning. This input to the ESG revision was first submitted to the Board of ENQA, which then brought it forward to the ESG revision Steering Committee.

Members of the group

The working group was chaired by Daisuke Motoki, the Managing Director of the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and coordinated by Nathalie Lugano, Project Manager at the ENQA Secretariat.

Daisuke Motoki, FIBAA, Germany – Chair
Barbara Birke, AQ Austria, Austria
Simon Heath, EAALS, France
Anduela Kaja, PAAHE, Albania
Aysel Karafistan, YÖDAK, Cyprus
Susanna Karakhanyan, ANQA, Armenia
Claudia Kettenhofen, ACQUIN, Germany
Annette Korn, FIBAA, Germany
Petra Lauk, OAQ, Switzerland
Nathalie Lugano, ENQA, Belgium – Coordinator
Jayne Mitchell, QAA, UK
Jana Möhren, ASIIN, Germany
François Pernot, AERES, France
Wolf See, EMTRAIN, Austria
Ruben Topchyan, ANQA, Armenia

Working Group Report (Pdf)