Working group I on Impact of Quality Assurance (finished)

To respond to the interest and need in many agencies to find ways to measure and evaluate the impact of QA procedures, the ENQA Board decided to establish a related working group.

Purpose and tasks of the working group

The main focus of the working group was to reflect on the impact of the quality assurance in higher education, and in particular on the impact of external quality assurance procedures. The reflections were expected to materialise in a document proposing possible strategies to measure the impact of the quality assurance in higher education. Those strategies should take into account, among other elements, partners’ involvement, methodologies, the use of indicators, priorities, areas for analysis, and possible obstacles.

As a starting point, the working group was suggested to work at 4 different levels:

– Impact on national policies
– Impact on institutional management
– Impact on the quality of the educational process
– Prevention of risks

The final report of the working group is available here.

The Chair of the working group was Josep Grifoll, Technical Director for Quality Assurance at the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), Member of ENQA Board. It was coordinated by Maria Kelo, Director of ENQA.