Work & Policy Areas

As the voice of the European quality assurance agencies, ENQA’s mission is to represent its members on the European level by influencing the outcomes of the European policy debates that will have a substantial impact on both national and European level on the work of quality assurance agencies. Furthermore, ENQA is responsible in providing support to its members in understanding and responding to the developments on the European level and the challenges posed by the latter.

ENQA is a key partner for policy makers on the European level and has been highly contributing to the Bologna Process since the very beginning.

ENQA is highly engaged in the development of policies on key issues for quality assurance in European higher education. ENQA has therefore launched several working groups with the aim of tackling QA related themes that are of relevance to its membership. The working groups work autonomously and are composed of ENQA members and affiliates representatives. The working groups are expected to report to the ENQA Board regularly.

You can read more about ENQA’s working groups here.

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