4th ENQA training of agency reviewers

ENQA organised a fourth training session/workshop for experts for agency reviews on 10-11 February 2011 in Helsinki, Finland.

The experience on the use of the ENQA membership criteria/European Standards and Guidelines in the external reviews of ENQA member agencies gained over the last years, and the parallel use of the ESG as the criteria for EQAR listing, emphasise the importance of experts being well prepared for the agency reviews. Based on the lessons learned, feedback and materials from the already completed reviews, the training sessions aim at providing experts with, among others, the necessary knowledge and guidance on the interpretation of the ENQA membership criteria/ESG.

The ENQA training sessions are addressed to the reviewers listed in the ENQA expert pool. The experts who are not in the pool can participate in the training only if they are nominated by an ENQA member to the pool.

The training sessions are attended by experts who have already been involved in national or ENQA coordinated reviews, and by potential future reviewers. Reviewers who have attended such training sessions are included in the ENQA pool of trained reviewers.

The training is part of ENQA Projects 2010-2012 and supported by the Lifelong learning Programme of the European Commission.



Nick Harris, Bologna consultant
ENQA review training session: Background to the ESG

Nathalie Costes, ENQA
Purpose and main stages of the review process

Fiona Crozier, QAA & ENQA
ENQA training of agency reviewers

Josep Grifoll, AQU Catalunya
The independence of the QA agencies

Padraig Walsh, IUQB & NQAI
ENQA training of agency reviewers: The notion of compliance: definitions and examples

Matti Kajaste, FINHEEC
Experience of reviews, an agency view

Nick Harris, Bologna consultant
ENQA review: Focussing on the role of the Chair

Karen Jones, IUQB
Role of the Review Secretary

Fiona Crozier, QAA & ENQA
Learning from agency reviews (2005-2009)

This activity has been organised within the “ProENQA 2010-2012” project (510499-LLP-1-2010-1-FI-ERASMUS-EMHE ) with the financial support of the Lifelong Learning Programme/ Erasmus sub-programme. The consortium was formed of ENQA and eleven of its member agencies. The ENQA led ” ProENQA 2010-2012” project aimed at bringing together QA professionals from QA agencies in Europe, and other related stakeholders, in order to engage them in a fruitful and continuous dialogue on the current challenges and developments in higher education and its quality assurance. In addition, the project supported ENQA’s role at the European level, the creation of informed policies and furthering of a European dimension in quality assurance of higher education through participation in the Bologna Follow-Up Group and cooperation with the E4 Group.