How To Become a Reviewer

ENQA receives nominations of reviewers from its member agencies, as well as from a number of European stakeholder organisations, namely the European University Association (EUA), the European Students’ Union (ESU), the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE), and Business Europe. ENQA sends regular requests for nominations to its members and stakeholder organisations, although non-solicited nominations may also be considered. According to the needs of the expert pool and at its own discretion, ENQA then invites nominated experts to ENQA reviewer training sessions. In order to ensure that the agency reviews are rigorous, fair, transparent, and consistent, such training is obligatory for all potential ENQA reviewers, independent of the organisation that has nominated them (ENQA, ESU, EUA, EURASHE, or Business Europe).

Individuals who are interested in being included in the list of possible invitees for future training events, are kindly requested to send a nomination letter (from an ENQA member agency or one of the European stakeholder organisations). Nominations must be submitted to the ENQA Secretariat together with a CV in the appropriate format.

After receiving a nomination, the ENQA Secretariat will include the person in its list of candidates, however this is not a guarantee of being invited to a training, as this is done on the basis of the needs of the reviewer pool (profile, nationality, language competences, gender, and expertise).

Student reviewers at the 12th ENQA training for reviewers