ENQA and QAA webinar “Protecting and promoting academic integrity: How quality assurance agencies can take action”

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Academic integrity is a key aspect that underpins trust in high quality education systems. Quality assurance agencies are being called upon to play a role in taking actions against academic misconduct, which can include the use of essay and degree mills, plagiarism, collusion between students and forged qualification certificates. This webinar will explore the practical steps that quality assurance agencies can take in protecting and promoting academic integrity.

This webinar is organised by ENQA and QAA, exclusively for ENQA members and affiliates.


During the webinar, participants will hear from three quality assurance agencies about their activities to address this issue.

QAA (UK) will present practical steps that can be taken to promote academic integrity within the jurisdiction of ENQA members. The session will look at QAA’s guidance on preventing contract cheating and the use of essay mills. It will also explain the development of an Academic Integrity Charter that UK higher education institutions have been invited to sign up to.

QQI will provide an overview of the steps taken in Ireland to engage with higher education institutions and enable them to strengthen their individual and collective capacity to embed a culture of academic integrity and minimise opportunities for academic misconduct. This will include a focus on the work of the Irish National Academic Integrity Network and its outputs in the last 15 months.

SKVC (Lithuania) will explore how effective cross-border agency cooperation and collaboration can help support academic integrity. The session will also look at the recognition of non-domestic quality assurance by ENQA agencies.

The webinar will be facilitated by Maria Kelo, Director of ENQA.

Practical information

This webinar is open exclusively to ENQA members and affiliates. If you have not received an invitation and would like to register, please contact secretariat@enqa.eu.

A recording of the webinar will be publicly available afterwards on the ENQA website and ENQA’s YouTube channel.