Associated Events

HKCAAVQ Annual Event

13 November 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF), Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) will co-organise with Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government the HKCAAVQ Annual Event in Hong Kong on 13 November 2018.

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ASIIN 5th Global Conference

10 December 2018 - 11 December 2018

Berlin, Germany

ASIIN and EASPA are organising the 5th Global Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, which will take place in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 December 2018.

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Asia – Europe Forum on Quality and Recognition in Transnational Higher Education

18 December 2018

Dublin 2, Ireland

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) will host an International Forum on quality and recognition in transnational higher education on 18 December 2018 in Dublin.

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Professional Training Workshop in Quality Assurance “Where internal QA meets external QA”

11 March 2019 - 15 March 2019

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

HKCAAVQ is offering a 5-day workshop to provide a systematic integration of the ‘know-how’ and ‘know-why’ of quality assurance, within the context of outcome-based education and qualifications frameworks.

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