Evaluation Agency of Baden-Württemberg (evalag)

The review will evaluate the way in which and to what extent the Evaluation Agency of Baden-Württemberg (evalag) fulfills the criteria for ENQA membership and thus the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The evaluation is scheduled to finish June/July 2019.

Background and context

evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg) was founded in 2000 as a foundation under public law and is committed to non-profit purposes. As a centre of excellence for quality assurance and enhancement, evalag operates in various fields of activities and both in Germany and abroad.

The fields of activities encompass due to the statutes of evalag:

  • evaluations in the area of science,
  • development of systems for quality assurance and quality management and their application in the area of science, particularly in the higher education area,
  • consulting higher education institutions and other scientific institutions on questions of quality assurance and quality management,
  • accreditation of study programmes (programme accreditation) and implementation of system accreditation procedures according to internationally established standards based on the applicable legal requirements,
  • other activities serving the promotion of science.

The bodies of the Foundation comprise the international Foundation Board, the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Accreditation Commission and the Appeals Commission.

The registered office is located in Mannheim. The evalag team consists of approx. 20 persons, including scientific consultants, the secretariat, the administration, a computer specialist, and project assistants. The team is managed by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Anke Rigbers (since 2007), and her deputy, Dr. Sibylle Jakubowicz. The majority of evalag’s scientific consultants possesses long-term experience in higher education institution matters and project management – on the international level also – and has moderation and advising skills as well.

evalag supports the commitment of higher education and scientific institutions to achieve high quality in teaching and learning, research and the institution as a whole. evalag therefore wants to strengthen their self-steering ability and wants to boost their quality culture. Doing so evalag follows an understanding of quality that focuses on dialogue and development. It is always evalag’s objective to implement bespoken projects and methods to achieve maximum added value for the ordering party.

evalag ensures that all its procedural principles, methods, and criteria are under continuous review and are developed with respect to (legal) standards – especially the ESG.

evalag’s activities in the scope of the ESG are listed under 2.1.  These activities are organized in the “Section 2: Accreditation/Certification” of evalag.

evalag additionally offers services out of the range of the ESG. These are organized in the “Section 1: Quality Management” and are focussed on the organisational development and quality management (including the areas of service and administration). They encompass

  • consulting (preparation and supervision of accreditation procedures, strategy development, human resources management, academic controlling/reporting)
  • further education
  • science support (coordination of peer reviews and funding procedures for research projects)
  • evaluations (institutions, programmes, projects, strategies)
  • applied Higher Education Research

evalag is committed to the advancement of quality assurance within the European and international higher education areas. To promote the exchange of experiences and the cooperation with other quality assurance agencies, evalag is an active member of CEENQA (Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education), DeGEval (Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V., German Evaluation Society), and INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education).

Since 2001 evalag is member of ENQA and is now applying for renewal of membership.

evalag is registered on EQAR since 2010 and is applying for renewal of registration.

Review process

This review, will evaluate the way in which and to what extent evalag fulfils the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Consequently, the review will provide information to the ENQA Board to aid its consideration of whether membership of evalag should be reconfirmed and to EQAR to support Evalag application to the register.

The review panel is not expected, however, to make any judgements as regards granting membership.

Review panel
The panel is composed of the following members:

  • Fiona Crozier, Head of International, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, United Kingdom – Chair, quality assurance professional (ENQA nominee)
  • Terhi Nokkala, Senior Researcher, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland – Secretary, academic (EUA nominee)
  • Mark Frederiks, International Policy Coordinator, Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders, The Netherlands – Quality assurance professional (ENQA nominee)
  • Philipp Schulz, Bachelor’s program in Business Administration and Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany – Student (ESU nominee)

You can read evalag’s self-assessment report on their website here.

This review is being coordinated by Goran Dakovic.

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