European Commission publishes a new vision on the European Education Area

13 December 2017

The European Commission has published a vision for the creation of a European Education Area by 2025. According to the vision, the European Education Area should, for instance, make mobility a reality for all by building on the positive experiences of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps and expanding participation in them. The mutual recognition of diplomas should be made reality by initiating a new “Sorbonne process”, building on the Bologna Process, which would prepare the ground for the mutual recognition of higher education and school-leaving diplomas. Lifelong learning is promoted by seeking convergence and increasing the share of people engaging in learning throughout their lives with the aim of reaching 25 percent by 2025. The mainstreaming of innovation and digital skills in education is sought by promoting innovative and digital training and preparing a new Digital Education Action Plan.

In the Commission’s view, it is in the shared interest of all member states to harness the full potential of education and culture, as they can be considered drivers for job creation, economic growth, and social fairness as well as a means to experience European identity in all its diversity.