ENQA-IQA Working Group (finished)

External reviews of quality assurance agencies play an important role in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as they demonstrate whether higher education systems operate according to common quality assurance principles.

For ENQA, external reviews serve as the basis for granting or reconfirming membership. ENQA had already put in place a number of internal quality assurance mechanisms to ensure the consistency and integrity of the review process. However, given the importance of this activity, the ENQA Board aimed to further reinforce the internal quality assurance dimension of the QA agency reviews so as to ensure consistency in the decision-making process. With this intention, at its April 2015 meeting, the ENQA Board decided to put in place a working group in charge of the internal quality assurance of the agency external review process (ENQA-IQA). The group had a mandate until September 2018.

Purpose and tasks of the working group
The ENQA-IQA group was at the service of the Board and worked closely with the ENQA Secretariat. The main mission of this working group is to analyse and provide knowledge on the outcomes of the ENQA external review process (and particularly the self-assessment and external review reports). Doing so addressed the reviewers’ needs to have a deeper understanding and more guidance when participating in ENQA Agency Reviews, as well as help the agencies themselves when working with the ESG 2015 and the revised ENQA Agency Review model. Findings of the ENQA-IQA group will continue to feed into ENQA’s training sessions and seminars for reviewers.

Members of the group
The working group was chaired by Sandra Marcos Ortega, the Head of International Affairs and Institutional Quality at the Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León (ACSUCYL) and coordinated by Agnė Tamošiūnaitė, Reviews Manager at the ENQA Secretariat.

Sandra Marcos Ortega, ACSUCYL, Spain – Chair
Ole Espen Rakkestad, NOKUT, Norway
Aurelija Valeikienė, SKVC, Lithuania
Núria Comet Senal, AQU Catalunya, Spain
Julien Lecocq, HCERES, France
Oana Sarbu, ARACIS, Romania
Agnė Grajauskienė, ENQA – Coordinator