ASFOR promotes leadership in changing HE context

13 December 2017

The Italian Association for Management Development (ASFOR) recently organised the seventh edition of the Learning Lab, which gathered 100 participants from among its membership to discuss the theme “Leadership readiness for the future”. Key observations from the event include: the emergence of a new profile of leadership, linked to adaptability and flexibility and which is open to collaborative decision making; the need to hasten the organisation innovation process, by way of people empowerment and engagement, and which can be achieved thanks to both technology (new connecting platforms) and collective mindfulness; the key role of management education to let the potential of students (and people already inside organisations) emerge, utilising innovative means and leveraging them; the creation of a culture of inclusiveness, spurred by digital advancements, which overcomes gaps, such as age, experience, and competence.

Within this context, management education and accreditation play a key role, interfacing innovations and challenging institutions to define and measure outcomes and impact of learning goals, which include not only knowledge and abilities but also a leadership mindset in learners.