Work Plan 2021 and Draft Work Plan 2022

The present work plan covers years 2021 and 2022 on a rolling basis, meaning that while the work plan 2021 was approved by the General Assembly in October 2020, the work plan 2022 is only a forecast and is presented now to offer members more information on the longer term perspective of upcoming activities. A revised version of the 2022 plan, together with a forecast for 2023, will be presented for adoption in the General Assembly meeting in Autumn 2021.

The current work plan is the first to follow ENQA’s newly adopted Strategic Plan 2021-2025. It translates the wider strategic objectives into concrete activities. The presented workplan will also take forward work started in the previous years, such as ongoing EU-funded projects. Specific concrete outputs are marked in bold in the table.

In addition to its regular activities such as information provision, membership and statutory activities, representation of ENQA at international events, participation in the management of EQAR, and participation in the EHEA policy making processes, in 2021 ENQA will specifically focus on the following areas of work, in line with the strategic plan 2021-2025:

  1. Development of quality assurance within the EHEA/Bologna Process: participation in the Bologna Process working structures; participation in specific EHEA implementation projects in the field of quality assurance (on stakeholder involvement, on QA of the European University Networks, on a European framework for micro-credentials, and specific support to QA agencies not yet in compliance with the ESG such as through the SEQA-ESG project). In addition, in 2021 or 2022 ENQA will initiate a structured dialogue with its members and stakeholders on the future of the ESG.
  2. Analysis of quality assurance approaches in Europe: carry out surveys and complete an analysis on the agencies’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and the role of online site visits; carry out a thematic analysis based on reports produced through the ENQA Agency Reviews.
  3. Professionalisation of QA and staff at QA agencies: ENQA Leadership programme; webinars on topics highlighted by the members; and establishment of new ENQA working groups addressing in particular new and innovative approaches to quality assurance and topics of high relevance in the changing HE landscape.
  4. Quality assurance capacity building beyond Europe, in particular in the ASEAN region (the SHARE project), in Africa (the HAQAA 2 initiative), and in Latin America (the EQUAM-LA project).  

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