Strategic Plan 2021-2025

ENQA’s Strategic Framework

This, the 3rd Strategic Plan for ENQA, covers the five-year period from 2021–2025. It offers direction for the Association’s members and affiliates, its Secretariat and external stakeholders on the organisation’s mission, vision, values and goals, as well as indication of how ENQA intends to achieve them.

The development of this Strategic Plan was overseen by the ENQA Board and Secretariat following input from the members and affiliates. The draft plan was endorsed by the Board for recommendation to the General Assembly of the Association. The plan was approved by the General Assembly of ENQA, held online in April 2020.

The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is available in its entirety here.


An EHEA where persistently high-quality education contributes to responsible and active European citizens in democratic and sustainable societies, where access is attainable for all, and where graduates acquire a broad knowledge base on which to build regionally and globally rewarding careers while inspiring their personal development.


As the designated stakeholder organisation of quality assurance agencies in the EHEA, ENQA represents their interests internationally, supports them nationally and provides them with comprehensive services and networking opportunities. Under ENQA’s umbrella, the community of agencies drive innovation in quality assurance and refines quality assurance processes.


ENQA respects the diversity of higher education systems and quality assurance approaches and operates in keeping with its values, which it promotes amongst its members:

  • Integrity: ENQA operates with integrity and in a fair, equitable, impartial, objective and professional manner in consultation with its members and affiliates, partners and fellow associations.
  • Transparency: ENQA operates with clear policies and processes; it publishes its criteria and procedures for decisions and makes its reports and information about projects and events available to the public.
  • Independence: ENQA is responsible only to its members; it ensures the independence of the ENQA agency review process and its membership decisions.
  • Social responsibility: ENQA is mindful of its social responsibility in developing its criteria and processes. In its communication with stakeholders, ENQA promotes social responsibility in quality assurance and its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


I Representing interests of quality assurance agencies
ENQA is the representative of diverse quality assurance agencies throughout the EHEA

  • ENQA represents the interests of its members and provides advice in the policy-making process of the EHEA and beyond.
  • ENQA supports the establishment and operation of independent and trustworthy quality assurance agencies operating on the basis of agreed standards.

II Providing services to members and other stakeholders
ENQA is a key source of reliable information, expertise and know-how on QA

  • ENQA’s Agency Review Programme is the preferred partner for reviews against the ESG.
  • ENQA offers a training and consulting programme valued by its members.
  • ENQA is a reference point for quality assurance in the international context.

III Driving the development of external quality assurance
ENQA monitors changes in the higher education landscape and is a guarantor of knowledge-based development of external quality assurance.

  • ENQA works towards quality assurance for a purpose.
  • ENQA explores new ways of quality assurance.

The Plan will inform successive work plans which will set out the objectives, actions and outputs to be achieved each year by the Association. Over the course of the next five years, ENQA will monitor, review and report on the implementation of this strategy.