Strategic Plan 2016-2020

ENQA’s Strategic Framework

This Strategic Plan provides direction (for the period 2016-2020) for the association’s members and affiliates, its Secretariat and external stakeholders on the organisation’s mission, vision, values and goals and how ENQA intends to achieve them.

The Strategic Plan was drafted by the Board of ENQA, in consultation with the membership of the association. It was approved by the ENQA General Assembly in Córdoba, on 17 April 2015.

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is available in its entirety here.

A European Higher Education Area where students have access to high quality education and can achieve qualifications that are respected world-wide.

As the largest association of quality assurance agencies committed to agreed European standards, ENQA drives the development of quality assurance by representing agencies internationally, supporting them nationally and providing them with comprehensive services and networking opportunities. ENQA promotes the enhancement of quality and the development of a quality culture in higher education.

ENQA is open to the diversity of higher education systems and quality assurance approaches and adheres to the following values:

  • Transparency: ENQA publishes its policies, procedures and criteria for decisions and reports
  • Independence: ENQA actively promotes the operational independence of quality assurance agencies and supports the autonomy of higher education institutions
  • Collaboration: ENQA works in a consultative manner with its members and affiliates, European partners and fellow associations
  • Integrity: ENQA operates with integrity and in a fair, equitable, impartial, objective and professional manner


  1. Representation
  2. ENQA is representative of the diversity of quality assurance agencies throughout Europe.

    ENQA supports the continuous development of independent and trustworthy quality assurance agencies operating in line with agreed standards throughout Europe.

    ENQA provides advice and represents the interests of its members in the policy-making process.

  3. Services
  4. ENQA is a fruitful network for agencies throughout Europe.

    ENQA is the preferred partner for reviews against agreed European standards.

    ENQA is a key source of reliable information, expertise and know-how on quality assurance.

    ENQA is a reference point for European quality assurance in the international context.

  5. Quality enhancement
  6. ENQA contributes to the enhancement and innovation of quality assurance.

Over the next four years, ENQA will continue to represent its members and affiliates internationally, support them nationally and provide them with comprehensive services and networking opportunities.